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XLstatements - the financial reporting tool for Dynamics SL

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Work in Excel

You use Excel every day. Most financial reporting systems require several steps to get information into Excel, where you want to see it, and then it is static data, requiring you to repeat those steps to update. Financial reporting tools also limit your ability to work with your information: That's why you want it in Excel!
​XLstatements shows your data in Excel, in real time, where you can drill down and use any existing Excel functionality with the new functions you want, like PTDBAL(), YTDBAL(), etc.


Excel is the world's leading budgeting tool.  XLstatements leverages this by allowing you to create and maintain your budgets (and statistical ledgers) in Excel and  then upload them to Dynamics SL with one click.  


The Budgeting option uses any ledger and year as a template for creating and  maintaining budget and statistical ledgers.


Two independent yet complementary security models may be enabled.


Modular Security provides control of drill down rights to detail on an individual user\module basis.


Compartmental Security allows users to view data only from organizational levels you define. Limit what users can see by company, ledger, account, or subaccount.

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